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Add and review requests to change SFIA definitions or coverage.

Please add your change request below. Anyone can add a change request. Log in using your usual SFIA website id and password. If you don't have a login id you need to register as a user first. This is very simple to do, costs nothing, and means we can keep you up to date with SFIA 8. Wherever possible please link your change request to the relevant part of SFIA during the 'add request' process.

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The SFIA team and key stakeholders have been through the change requests for the next version of SFIA and have decided that they are:

  • Accepted: change requests which will be incorporated into requirements and solutions for the next version of SFIA. They may be combined with other change requests and/or themes.
  • Declined: change requests which have been rejected. Reasons for rejection are given.
  • Deferred: change requests which have merit but which are not yet fully agreed. Deferred requests will be considered for the next-but-one revision of SFIA.

Pending change requests are awaiting a decision.

We invite your comments on how we plan to meet the accepted change requests in the upgrade to SFIA 8.

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  • Splitting PROD for Product Management and Product Ownership 0 #1450 29 Jul 2021

    Hi, could you please strongly consider splitting PROD to 2 competencies. One focused on Product Management and the other Product Ownership. these are very distinct roles with distinct competencies and having the two competencies joined under one will ultimately result in a need to split them later o…

  • RLMT (SFIA 8 Beta) - Proposed changes 0 #1449 6 Jul 2021

    Three changes are proposed to "Relationship management" (RLMT), as detailed in attached Word document.

  • Grammar 0 #1448 29 Jun 2021

    For level 5 Takes responsibility for managing the design, procurement, installation, upgrading, operation, control, maintenance and effective use of specific technology service. Monitors the performance or technology services. In the last sentence or should be of

  • System software SYSP absorbed into IT infrastructure ITOP 0 #1447 28 Jun 2021

    The skills in 'System software" (SYSP) that relate to software updates are covered in the proposed SFIA 8 "IT infrastructure" (ITOP). If the proposed ITOP changes are implemented, SYSP is no longer required in SFIA.

  • Removal of SYSP 2 #1443 25 Jun 2021

    Text from Garry Tyrrell Lead Editor for SFIAplus. Cannot add the comments himself. What is the rationale behind the loss of SYSP? This has been an important aspect of SFIA that I have used with Clients on many occasions. The Change Log does not indicate that there has been any change request to remo…

  • Business Analysis Replaced? 1 #1442 25 Jun 2021

    What is the justification behind the loss of the term Business Analysis?

  • BUAN split into Business situation analysis and Feasibility assessment 1 #1441 25 Jun 2021

    Happy with splitting off Feasibility assessment BUT cannot fathom why change Business analysis title which is universally recognised and understood by everybody. Please re-think as this would be a real retrograde step and could open SFIA to ridicule.

  • software/systems engineering professionals - alignment to ISO/IEC 24773 0 #1312 25 Jun 2020

    ISO/IEC 24773 references some standards that can be used to define tasks. As SFIA skills descriptions are activity based, perhaps we should check these standards to ensure that we have covered all the tasks.

  • Move Security component from the Business Skill generic 0 #1302 27 Apr 2020

    Security is addressed at all levels in the Business Skill generic attribute. It should be brought out as a generic attribute in its own right.