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Help and resources

Additional advice, guidance and information to SFIA users. These resources are developed by both the SFIA Foundation and the global SFIA user community.


The SFIA Foundation collates useful resources to share with SFIA users.  These come from a variety of sources and are published to support specific user needs. Please to find out more or if you have suggestions for additional tools and resources. Formal endorsement of the resources is not intended at this stage.


Current resources include:

Framework mappings

Service management

COBIT 2019

 US government NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).

  • Mapping of SFIA 8 skills to the 23 categories and 108 sub-categories in the NIST CSF
  • An initial mapping was done to identify potential improvements for SFIA 8
  • SFIA 8 provided a number of enhancements to support cybersecurity workforce initiatives, including:
  • additional cybersecurity-related skills - such as Vulnerability assessment, Threat intelligence, Vulnerability research
  • additional skill level descriptions for cybersecurity-related skills
  • the information and cyber security view of the SFIA framework
  • enhanced readability across the entire SFIA framework including guidance notes and concise skill descriptions

US Government NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework

Bodies of knowledge

Software applications

Some SFIA Partners have developed software tools to support the adoption and use of SFIA in a number of ways.

  • However, currently, the SFIA Foundation does not provide its own, endorsed software apps or tools

About SFIA views

The SFIA views help users identify the SFIA skills which are most relevant to specific professional disciplines, industry topics and complementary frameworks.

Using SFIA

Introducing the SFIA wheel diagram and how SFIA supports the full human capital development cycle.

SFIA for ...

Introductory guidance for the primary groups of SFIA users - employers, education & training providers, professional and government bodies.

Get help from SFIA partners and specialists

Help in using SFIA is available from either SFIA Partners or SFIA Specialists. SFIA Specialists consult as individuals; SFIA Partners are organisations that offer services dependent on SFIA which may include SFIA consulting or SFIA related products or tools.