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User forum

The forum is open to all although the prime focus is on employers/employees who are users of SFIA. We know that many of the SFIA users looking for help are new to SFIA. The SFIA Foundation Board has re-iterated the importance of providing support to end user organisations who are looking to adopt SFIA.

SFIA adoption activity spaces

User forum aims


  • Provide alternatives, options, discussion points.
  • Encourage alternative approaches to solving the same problem.
  • Don’t prescribe starting points or specific lifecycles or sequences.
  • It’s nether possible nor desirable to prescribe exactly how to “implement SFIA”.

Encourage thoughtful adoption

  • Organisations adopting SFIA will need to apply their knowledge and experience to address their business opportunities and pain points effectively.
  • Organizations should design an approach and a solution that works for them.

Grow - by testing and learning 

  • Build on existing SFIA content - such as that found in Tools and resources.
  • The user community can add new practices as and when they are discovered/developed and documented.
  • Engage the SFIA user community in building and curating these – need to test and learn.
  • Focus on topics which are high priority for end users.

Encourage discovery and exploration

  • Publish in a format that allows new/potential SFIA users to find what they are looking for and deep dive when they are ready.
  • A “consistent and integrated skills and people management system” is important – but can be overwhelming for new starters.
  • Make it interesting, usable and visual to inspire organisations to take action.

Learning and development catalogues

This is a general description of the use of learning and development catalogues. Guidelines for mapping training courses and certifications to SFIA skills and levels is being developed.