The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Standard skills profiles

Using SFIA to describe the skills and competency levels of standard industry roles.

New SFIA users can explore the guiding principles of SFIA and how to use it here.

You can also browse, search and access the full SFIA framework and focussed views.

In this context - we use the term "skills profile" to refer to a mapping of the skills required for a position, job or role.

It is not referring to an assessment and description of the skills which an individual Practitioner possesses. 
E.g. A SFIA skills profile identifies and describes the SFIA skills and skill levels required for a position called “Software Developer”.

SFIA 8 - illustrative skills profiles

Generic mappings of SFIA 8 skills to recognised role families or career families. By looking across the industry, across different countries and users we can provide a useful starting point for creating a SFIA-based skills profile for common roles.


Using SFIA with ISCO-08, The International Standard Classification of Occupations. A mapping undertaken by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia