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SFIA fundamentals - 10 minutes quiz

The SFIA fundamentals quiz is published by the SFIA Foundation as an aid to understanding SFIA concepts, principles and terms.

Accessing the quiz

The quiz is hosted externally as a 'course' on OpenLearn, which is the online learning platform of The Open University.

Step 1 - To take the quiz, first you need to create a free OpenLearn account.

Step 2 - You can now access the course "SFIA Fundamentals - 10 min Quiz" using this link:

Note: Your OpenLearn account will give you access to future SFIA quizzes, as well as the thousands of other free courses to be found there.  

Supporting information

    • All of the information and background you need to complete this quiz is available on this SFIA website.  
    • In particular, you should be familiar with the information on the pages:
    • Alternatively, you may gain the understanding you need to complete this quiz by attending a short 'SFIA awareness' course, provided by your organisation or by a SFIA consultant.

If you'd like guidance, see below for detailed navigation steps and quiz format.  However, the important thing is to read the Introduction -> Getting Started section, particularly with regard to the scoring system!

Note: Your OpenLearn account will give you access to future SFIA quizzes, as well as the thousands of other free courses to be found there.  


 When you arrive at the OpenLearn SFIA fundamentals quiz, you will see 3 'tabs': Course Description, Course content and Course reviews.

  1. Select the Course Content tab to see the sections: Introduction, Quiz, Next Steps and Your comments on the quiz.
  2. Expand (click on) the Introduction section to see "Getting Started"
  3. Click on Getting Started to open the course content page with this section expanded.
  4. It is important to read the information here that describes the scoring system.
  5. Expand (click on) the Quiz section to see "SFIA fundamentals quiz"
  6. In the left-hand navigation panel you will see the two Course content sections. Click on Quiz to reveal the actual SFIA fundamentals quiz link.  This will open the quiz-taking page.
  7. On the quiz-taking page you can see the results of any previous attempts and a button to take the quiz

Quiz format

  • Questions are displayed one at a time. There are 9 questions, drawn at random from a question bank, so if you take the quiz more than once, you may see different questions. 
  • All questions are multiple choice format, with radio buttons to select a single answer.  As well as a correct answer, most questions have 'partly correct' answers. These answers are not wrong but not the complete or best answer and score less than the correct answer.  
  • Each question may be "checked" after answering, to get feedback.   
    • Note: you will not score full marks on a question if the first answer you check is incorrect.  For example, the correct answer may score 5 at the first attempt, score 3 at the second attempt and score 1 at the third attempt.  Only three attempts are allowed on each question.
  • A row of question numbers at the top shows your progress but only checked questions are shown as answered.  You may select questions to review or re-attempt.
  • When you are satisfied that all questions are answered, you can Check and Submit (or if all checked, just Submit) your Quiz attempt.
    Your SFIA fundamentals quiz home page will show you score from this taking of the quiz and previous takes up to a maximum of three overall attempts.

Need help?

If you have any issues with the quiz platform or follow-up points arising from the questions, please contact Ian Seward.
Good luck!