The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA Assessment and Digital Badges

SFIA is a powerful tool for developing the skills and competencies of digital professionals through assessment and development planning.

Self assessment using SFIA and internal assessment carried out by an organisation are both very beneficial for staff development and is strongly encouraged. General guidance for assessment is provided

The remainder of this section applies to approved SFIA Assessment Schemes and issuing SFIA digital credentials.


The SFIA Framework has been used for the assessment of skills and competencies within organisations and for professional recognition by industry professional bodies for around 20 years. SFIA’s global footprint, the vastly increased international use of SFIA as the global standard and the interest in digital badges has led to the SFIA Foundation working to establish approved credential schemes.

The basis of the SFIA Foundation approved assessment schemes and digital badges are two international standards and a set of scheme requirements:

  • ISO/IEC 17024:2012 the international standard for ‘conformity assessment – general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons’
  • ISO/IEC 24773- (all parts including those in development) the international standard for ‘software and systems engineering – certification of software and systems engineering professionals’
  • SFIA Approved Assessment scheme requirements

SFIA Digital Badge Schemes

The SFIA Foundation runs a number of digital badging schemes. These schemes enable the SFIA Foundation or its partner organisations to issue badges for particular achievements:

  • Scheme 0: To badge completion of a SFIA training course
  • Scheme 1: To badge SFIA Accredited Practitioners, Consultants and Assessors
  • Scheme 2: To badge an individual against specific SFIA Skills or Levels of Responsibility


  • Badges issued under Schemes 0 and 1 may only be issued by the SFIA Foundation
  • Badges issued under Scheme 2 may be issued by Global SFIA Partner organisations only after their scheme has been approved by the SFIA Foundation

SFIA Approved Assessment Schemes

SFIA Approved Assessment Schemes are operated by SFIA Approved Assessment Partners - they have demonstrated their ability to conduct skills and competency assessments in accordance with SFIA Foundation assessment requirements.

SFIA Digital Badge Assessment

SFIA, the global skills and competency framework for the digital world, enables assessment and certification. Its approach is designed to be in line with ISO standards for the certification of software and systems engineering professionals (ISO/IEC 24773) and conformity assessment for certification schemes (ISO/IEC 17024). The SFIA Foundation does not assess or certify individuals but a number of SFIA Partners may offer these services.

Digital Badge FAQs

The SFIA Foundation operates a Credly platform to issue its digital badges and to endorse the digital badges issued by Approved Assessment Partners. Some FAQs associated with the Credly digital badges that an individual may receive.