The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA - a framework for cloud-computing skills BETA

Using SFIA for cloud skills management

  • A skills-based strategy is key to support a new operating model and to achieve the benefits of cloud computing.
  • Whether it involves transitioning technical operations, undertaking a full business and technology migration, or enhancing cloud-native capabilities, SFIA's levelled skills definitions enable organisations to fully understand the skills-based demands of cloud computing.
  • For organisations transitioning to the cloud, SFIA guides the placement of skilled staff, facilitating migration and cloud adoption through focused skill development.
  • In cloud-native environments, the use of SFIA promotes skill enhancement in line with advancements in cloud technology. This strengthens operational agility, encourages continuous improvement, and establishes a competitive position.
  • By focusing on real-world skills rather than only qualifications, employers tap into a wider talent pool.

SFIA and skills management

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SFIA's 7 levels describe increasing, responsibility and impact7 levels describing increasing responsibility, accountability and impact

  • SFIA's seven levels of responsibility provide a comprehensive framework for cloud-skills from foundational tasks to strategic leadership
  • This approach aligns job roles with real-world cloud-computing demands, ensuring that practitioners at all levels have the necessary expertise to execute cloud and digital transformation strategies.
  • It enables focused professional development, covering the full spectrum of skills; from basic cloud tasks, to operational delivery, subject matter expertise, operational management and strategic leadership.
  • Emphasising practical skills and developmental potential, SFIA helps prepare a dynamic cloud workforce, able to adapt as business needs and technologies evolve.

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SFIA skills cover a wide range of professional cloud-computing activitiesSFIA skills encompass the broad cloud landscape

  • Covering the full spectrum of digital, data, technology, and security, SFIA's skill descriptors cater to both specialised and generalist roles within the cloud domain.
  • They detail the essential cloud skills required for roles focused on the technicalities of cloud-computing and also extend to a variety of other technical and business disciplines, including architecture, security, leadership, supplier management, organisational change, people and skills management. 
  • This facilitates approcah and a unified approach to skills for cloud and digital transformation.

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SFIA - Cloud-computing skills and levelsApplying SFIA's uniform skills language to cloud-computing

  • SFIA provides a structured and consistent approach to defining cloud-computing skills. Each skill is clearly described, supplemented by guidance notes, and detailed level-by-level practice descriptions that align with the framework's 7 levels of responsibility. Skills at a glance.
  • This uniform structure ensures ease of navigation and understanding, seamlessly integrating professional skills with behavioural factors to outline comprehensive role expectations.
  • The consistent detail across all levels ensures robustness, allowing for precise skills and competency assessment.
  • The clarity in describing the specific nature of technology and business  roles at every responsibility level makes it invaluable for developing and benchmarking cloud and digital capabilities within an organisation.

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Combining SFIA's skills language with Cloud applications and technologies

Using SFIA - a broad based digital business and technology skills framework will address these issues better than a re-skilling based on technology vendors and hyperscalers certifications alone.

Leveraging the SFIA framework for skill development in the context of cloud migration and management offers a comprehensive, strategic, and adaptable approach that addresses the multifaceted challenges of cloud adoption.

This broad-based skill development strategy ensures that organizations are not only technically prepared but also strategically aligned, operationally efficient, and culturally adapted to maximize the benefits of cloud and edge computing.

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