The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Get help from SFIA partners and specialists

Help in using SFIA is available from either SFIA Partners or SFIA Specialists. SFIA Specialists consult as individuals; SFIA Partners are organisations that offer services dependent on SFIA which may include SFIA consulting or SFIA related products or tools.

SFIA Specialists

SFIA Specialists are individuals who have demonstrated experience of using SFIA. They are formally accredited by the SFIA Foundation and offer expertise in one or more aspects of SFIA as Practitioners, Consultants or Assessors. They are licensed to operate globally.

SFIA Partners

SFIA partners are organisations who have practical experience with the framework and a licence to exploit SFIA commercially - providing resources through a rate card, mapping offerings to SFIA or consult and provide SFIA products and training. They may be licensed for a single country or globally.

Accredited SFIA training

The SFIA Foundation accredits both SFIA training and SFIA training providers. Training in the SFIA framework and its use is the best way to gain a good understanding of the framework and an insight into how it can be used effectively to deliver real benefits in enhancing the capability of an organisation through the management of the skills of its staff.

Software with SFIA

Our partners have developed products that can add power to your skills management processes. The summaries here all carry a link to the provider's web site.