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About the SFIA User Forum

The forum is open to all although the focus is on employers/employees who are users of SFIA.

  • The SFIA User Forum is a community of SFIA users for exchanging experiences and knowledge in order to help each other implement and manage SFIA.
  • The User Forum also has a broader interest in developing the capability of the wide range professionals whose roles and careers are described in he SFIA framework.
  • Membership of the User Forum is free and this means that the forum relies on the voluntary efforts of its members to be a success. The forum is independent of the SFIA Foundation but is represented on the Council of the SFIA Foundation.
  • The LinkedIn User Forum has grown to around 1700 members from more than 80 countries.
  • Members of the forum come from a range of industries and cover the private, public and not-for profits sectors.

Brief history

  • The SFIA User Forum was first created  in 2008.
  • It's original home was on the Ning platform - followed shortly by a complementary LinkedIn Group.
  • The Ning platform moved from being free of charge, to low-cost to quite expensive. At this point SFIA User Forum on Ning was closed down.
  • The LinkedIn has been good for connecting people to SFIA - but it is very poor at hosting resources.
  • In 2022, the SFIA Foundation Board re-iterated the importance of providing support to end user organisations who are looking to adopt SFIA.
  • To support this we have created a User forum section on the web site to share resources.
  • The development of this will be driven by user priorities.