The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA for ...

Introductory guidance for the primary groups of SFIA users - employers, education & training providers, professional and government bodies.

SFIA for employers

SFIA boosts the effectiveness and competitiveness of digital, IT and software engineering organisations by enabling: new operating models ■ organisation and job design ■ workforce planning ■ sourcing and recruitment ■ resource deployment ■ skills and performance assessment ■ skills gaps analysis ■ skills and capability development programmes ■ career paths ■ compensation and reward

SFIA for education & training

SFIA is the world's most widely adopted skills and competency framework. It is used by employers and professional bodies across the world. Education and training providers can adopt SFIA to define learning outcomes, curricula and to support the sales and marketing of their products and services.

SFIA for professional bodies

SFIA is the world's most widely adopted skills and competency framework. It is used by many of the world's leading professional bodies. Professional bodies can adopt SFIA to define their professional competencies, to support their accreditation schemes and their bodies of knowledge.

SFIA for government

SFIA is used by governments, government agencies and NGOs to support national and international industrial strategies and education programmes.

SFIA User Stories

In this section we are collecting stories about SFIA use by various organisations. This is a new section to collect contemporary user stories. While we will gradually move our past case studies, currently in SFIA Newsletters, and past SFIA Conference presentations to this area, our focus is on new stories.