SFIA User Stories

In this section we are collecting stories about SFIA use by various organisations. This is a new section to collect contemporary user stories. While we will gradually move our past case studies, currently in SFIA Newsletters, and past SFIA Conference presentations to this area, our focus is on new stories.

The SFIA Foundation used to publish case studies in a newsletter, some dating back to 2000 and also reference presentations given at the Annual SFIA Conference. Some of these are available in the newsletters published under the News section of this website. We will begin to add these to this section in due course.

As the SFIA Community has matured over the last 20 years we are finding more extensive use of SFIA and very novel use, of SFIA is escalating. We are now looking to revive this interesting resource and source more contemporary user stories.

If you wish to submit a SFIA User Story then please contact the SFIA Foundation, ops@SFIA-online.org

We start with our most recent user story.



Our most recent user story is an interesting one from R SIGNALS. This describes a search for a skills and competency framework and their selection of SFIA. This particularly interesting because it is a story of adopting SFIA, extending SFIA outside of traditional IT into some specialist areas relevant to their needs and tailoring it where necessary.

R SIGNALS User Story

University of Auckland:

A user story from the University of Auckland - originally published in Intelligent CIO APAC

A SFIA User Story about transforming the skills base of a high-calibre IT Team, defining 330 roles, mapping them with the SFIA global skills and competency framework, aligning a training programme and establishing a skills inventory.

University of Auckland User Story

We will begin to add previous SFIA User Stories below 

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