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SFIA Specialists

SFIA Specialists are individuals who have demonstrated experience of using SFIA. They are formally accredited by the SFIA Foundation and offer expertise in one or more aspects of SFIA as Practitioners, Consultants or Assessors. They are licensed to operate globally.

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  • lead people/skills management programmes or initiatives within an organisation. 
  • likely to be operating with and influencing 'C-Level' executives and senior managers with regards to the adoption and exploitation of SFIA for significant business benefit.


  • support and guide the adoption and use of SFIA or work on operational people /skills management activities using SFIA.
  • may work under the guidance of a SFIA Accredited Consultant or work independently where SFIA related mechanisms are already in place or have a limited scope.


  • assessing the skills and competencies of individuals using the SFIA Framework under a SFIA approved assessment scheme.