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SFIA Partners

SFIA partners are organisations who have practical experience with the framework and a licence to exploit SFIA commercially - providing resources through a rate card, mapping offerings to SFIA or consult and provide SFIA products and training. They may be licensed for a single country or globally.

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These are the services provided by SFIA partners

  • Consulting – Organisations offering SFIA consulting services relating to human capital management.
  • Product – Organisations with software tools to support the adoption and use of SFIA to assist with skills management processes.
  • Mapping – Organisations who have mapped qualifications, certifications or other services to show their relation to SFIA skills.  
  • Ratecard – Organisations using a SFIA based rate card licence for the supply or hire of personnel, or resource-based services.
  • SFIA training – SFIA Accredited training services, intended to enable the delegate to gain an appropriate level of understanding about the SFIA Framework in order to make use of it appropriately.

Finding SFIA partners

  • Use the selection boxes to compare their services, find SFIA Accredited Training providers and the right organisation for your requirements.