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Accredited SFIA training

The SFIA Foundation accredits both SFIA training and SFIA training providers. Training in the SFIA framework and its use is the best way to gain a good understanding of the framework and an insight into how it can be used effectively to deliver real benefits in enhancing the capability of an organisation through the management of the skills of its staff.

Various Accredited SFIA Training offerings are available; further training options may be added in the future.

SFIA training is for people who have a background in the management of professional skills, whether relating to recruitment, deployment, assessment, development, remuneration, general resource management or in the enhancement of an organisation's capability through enhancing the skills that it has available.

As the scope of use of SFIA is continually increasing there will continue to be a need for both general SFIA training and more specific SFIA application training.  These are described below:

General SFIA Training

General SFIA training is intended to enable the delegate to gain an appropriate level of understanding about the SFIA Framework so that they can make use of it appropriately.  The levels of training can be broken down into individual modules or delivered as one integrated offering, this allows for flexibility in the delivery by the training provider.  

Accredited General SFIA Training

Training Level

Current Offering

Training Provider and Instructor


Introduction to SFIA for Consultants Syllabus or higher

Accredited Training Provider

Led by a SFIA Accredited Consultant


Introduction to SFIA for Practitioners Syllabus or Higher

Accredited Training Provider

Led by a SFIA Accredited Consultant


Foundation Syllabus or Higher

Any Accredited Consultant

(Within their Client)

Attending accredited introduction training for consultants is a prerequisite for an application for SFIA Accredited Consultant unless extensive use leading a SFIA related activity can be demonstrated.

Attending accredited introduction training for practitioners or higher is a prerequisite for applications for SFIA Accredited Practitioner unless extensive use of using SFIA within an organisation that has adopted SFIa can be demonstrated.

A description of the learning outcomes and syllabus for each of the above training offerings is presented here 

Specialist SFIA Training

Further training, typically aligned to a specific use of SFIA, will be developed in due course and will be described below.  Some training providers are already developing such courses - for further information contact the SFIA Foundation.

Specialist SFIA training syllabus

SFIA can underpin all skills and competency development activities. Specialist SFIA Training is intended to provide greater insight into using SFIA for these specialist activities.