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SFIA Approved Assessment Schemes

SFIA Approved Assessment Schemes are operated by SFIA Approved Assessment Partners - they have demonstrated their ability to conduct skills and competency assessments in accordance with SFIA Foundation assessment requirements.


Skills and competency assessment using SFIA is is to be encouraged. It is a very powerful tool in developing capabilities and closing any skills gaps on both an individual and organisational level. Internal assessments are very valuable to an organisation, there are many useful resources available on this website.

Often there is a requirement for assessments to be carried out under a SFIA Foundation approved assessment scheme. The SFIA Foundation is currently establishing a number of approved schemes to be operated by SFIA Partner organisations.

Requirements for SFIA Approved Assessment Schemes

Only organisations that meet the SFIA assessment scheme requirements and have been explicitly approved by the SFIA Foundation to issue digital credentials may do so and use the SFIA Logo in a digital (or other) credential. The requirements for an approved scheme are summarised below:

  1. The organisation must be a single entity and hold a current Global SFIA Accredited Partner Licence.
  2. The organisation must operate in accordance with the SFIA Foundation Licence General Terms and Conditions and the SFIA Accredited Partner Licence.
  3. The organisation is wholly responsible for the conduct, results and quality of the assessments performed under their scheme.
  4. The organisation is wholly responsible for the conduct of the assessors they use.
  5. The organisation must not claim, nor give the impression, that they are assessing or accrediting on behalf of the SFIA Foundation.
  6. The organisation must operate a defined (and documented) scheme in line with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024.
  7. The organisation must assess Knowledge, Skill and Competence in line with SFIA Foundation definitions and ISO/IEC 24773.
  8. The organisation must define the criteria it uses to assess Knowledge, Skill and Competence in line with SFIA Foundation requirements.
  9. The organisation must maintain the records of assessments and the evidence provided to support an assessment and the decision of the assessor (based on that evidence).
  10. The use of the SFIA Logo must be in line with the SFIA Foundation’s rules for use and any use in a credential, of any sort, must be approved by the SFIA Foundation.
  11. The organisation must act professionally at all times and ensure that there is no conflict of interests in any assessments they perform.
  12. The SFIA Foundation reserves the right not to renew or to cancel the organisation's licence, at any time, if it is felt that the organisation is not acting within the requirements or spirit of the scheme.
  13. The SFIA Foundation may, at its discretion, conduct surveillance reviews and/or an audit of the organisation’s scheme. Costs involved to be met by the organisation.
  14. The organisation must use licensed and current SFIA Accredited Assessors.
  15. The organisation must ensure that the assessors are competent to assess knowledge, skill and competency for the particular skills or attributes being assessed.
  16. Assessors must be knowledgeable and experienced in assessment (of knowledge, skill and competency) and trained in the scheme under which they are operating.
  17. The organisation must return Assessment Data to the SFIA Foundation on a regular basis.