Making the next version of SFIA

SFIA is updated by users so that it reflects the changing priorities and skills for industry. This is the place to keep in touch with and contribute to future changes. SFIA 8 is planned for release in Q3 2021.

SFIA 8 Progress updates

Change requests

We gather suggestions and proposals for change in this section.

  • You can attach your change request to the specific categories, skills or levels of responsibility.
  • We summarise change requests by their status (pending, accepted, declined, deferred) on the Change requests page.
  • You can link to change requests from the skill descriptions themselves in the All skills view and Levels of responsibility pages.

Any registered user of the site can add or comment on change requests 

Industry Themes for SFIA 8

We also address key industry themes where the scope is much bigger than individual skills.

SFIA 8 Design Authority

Change requests are evaluated by a global Design Authority.

  • The Design Authority comprises experienced SFIA users from around the world
  • They collaborate to make recommendations on actions needed to address change requests and industry themes
  • The SFIA Foundation General Manager chairs the Design Authority


  • We show the proposed actions on the site.
  • Before publishing a new version - all proposed changes are made public for further comment.
  • A new version is published with enough notice to allow practitioners and users to review and adapt existing tools and practice, if necessary.

Old versions of SFIA remain available on the website.