SFIA 8 beta release

SFIA is updated by users so that it reflects the changing priorities and skills for industry. This is the place to keep in touch with and contribute to the development of SFIA 8. SFIA 8 is planned for release in September 2021.

SFIA 8 beta documents now available

These are working documents to be used for review of the content of SFIA 8. The design and formatting of the final SFIA 8 documents will be different.

Help is needed to provide feedback and check and test the SFIA 8 content. Details below. Thanks to all the volunteers who have made a start on this already.

SFIA 8 beta thumbnail.pngSFIA 8 beta all skills on an A4 page 

Browsing SFIA 8 beta as web pages

SFIA 8 beta - illustrative skills profiles

Purpose of a beta release of SFIA 8

To get feedback … to improve SFIA 8 before final publication

  • What you like … what you don't like
  • Scope of new/changed content
  • Content of individual skills – including name changes 
  • Readability
  • Proof reading - spelling, grammar, punctuation

Provide early sight of SFIA 8 … for everyone

  • Visibility over the last 14 months … but this is the first whole framework view
  • Employers, partners and other users who need to plan for the next version of SFIA
  • But be aware some skills/features may be substantially modified prior to launch or may not be released.

Providing feedback

E-mail to updates@sfia-online.org

  • if you can’t find something or have a specific question or idea

Change requests

  • please reserve this for specific suggestions for changes to the content of the beta.
  • please include the 4 letter code in the title – if you can
  • add change requests here

Detailed comments on skills content…

We will hold some online meetings to take an in-depth look at selected topics.

SFIA 8 Progress updates