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UK Government Digital Service DDaT

SFIA skills profiles for UK Government Digital Service (GDS). The DDaT Roles have been updated (Jan 2021) and SFIA Foundation is currently updating these pages.

Important: The SFIA profiles are of the DDaT roles as defined by DDaT.

The DDaT Roles published on the UK Gov website must be the master data. 

The DDaT Team continue to update the DDaT roles and change is likely in 2021/22. 

The UK Cabinet Office was instrumental in the initial development of the SFIA Framework in 2000. SFIA has been adopted widely throughout UK Government departments, the wider public sector and throughout the world. UK public sector have continued to influence the content of SFIA, which has become the global common reference model.

The SFIA Foundation will continue to collaborate and work with the DDaT Team to update the mappings as necessary and help, if requested, to shape DDaT skills in future updates.

We will refine and update the mappings as necessary so as to ensure UK Government roles can be mapped to the SFIA skills framework that is used throughout private sector.

Illustrative Timeline:

2000-2015 UK Government departments use SFIA extensively
2013 - UK Cabinet Office initiate the DDaT Roles and framework
2018 - DDaT Roles mapped to SFIA 6 by MoD, DWP, HMRC effort
2019 - DDaT Roles Mapped to SFIA 7 by SFIA Accredited Consultant
2020 (Jan) - DDaT Roles updated by DDaT Team - new definitions
2020 (Nov) - DDaT Roles mapped to SFIA 7 by SFIA Accredited Consultant to bring them in line with the current DDaT role and skill definitions
2021 (Jan) - DDaT Team begin to update both the DDaT Roles and DDaT Skills
2021 (Sep) - SFIA 8 published from global open consultation

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2021 DDaT Roles - SFIA skills profiles

A listing of the 156 UK Government Digital Service digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles. These have been mapped to SFIA skills using the definitions of DDaT roles from the UK Government website.