SFIA and DDaT Collaboration

The UK Government Digital Service has published 151 digital, data and technology (DDaT) roles in support of its digital transformation initiatives along with illustrative 'career paths' and 'employment stories'.

Important note - The DDaT Roles continue to be updated by the DDaT Team.

The SFIA DDaT Role Mappings continue to evolve as the DDaT Team updates its Roles and Skills. The most recent DDaT update was in January 2020 and current mappings reflect this. The DDaT Team are currently (Jan 2001) reviewing both the DDaT Role definitions and the DDaT Skill Definitions of their framework.

The UK public sector was instrumental in the original work to develop the SFIA Skills Framework, published in 2000. The major departments of central government and most local government IT operations adopted SFIA and continued to influence SFIA updates upto and including the publication of SFIA 5 in 2011.

Around the time SFIA 6 was being developed (to address Digital Transformation explicitly), UK Government decided to build a skills framework unique to them and the DDaT was born.

Shortly after SFIA 6 was published in 2015, three of the largest departments, MoD, HMRC, and DWP mapped the SFIA skills to DDaT roles using SFIA 6 to preserve their investment in SFIA.

During the update for SFIA 7 (released in 2018) - the framework was refreshed to reflect the current views on digital transformation skills through discussions with the DDaT Team and public sector departments using SFIA and DDaT together along with the global SFIA user base. As a result:

  • The SFIA 7 refresh included updates for digital transformation, user centred development, data science etc
  • Public sector SFIA users asked for further information about DDaT-SFIA mapping and it to be updated for SFIA 7.
  • Specifically they wanted to see their public sector roles mapped to the most commonly used private and public sector skills framework. 

In 2019, the SFIA Foundation produced an illustrative mapping, to bring original work of MoD, HMRC and DWP up to date with SFIA 7. John Godsell carried out this work.

In 2020 (Nov), The SFIA Foundation produced an illustrative mapping of the new (151) DDaT Roles as they are defined on the UK Government website. Andy Thomson carried out this work.

With the very significant costs associated with the update of any framework, the SFIA Foundation has continued to look at the DDaT to ensure that subsequent versions of SFIA continue to address the needs of digital transformation in public sector and identify opportunities to collaborate.

We will refine and update the mappings to reflect practice from DDaT usage and the inclusion of additional skills where appropriate.

Important note - The DDaT Team are reviewing the DDaT Roles (Jan 2021).

2018 - DDaT Roles mapped to SFIA by MoD, DWP, HMRC effort
2019 - DDaT Roles Mapped to SFIA 7 by SFIA Accredited Consultant
2020 (Jan) - DDaT Roles updated by DDaT Team - new definitions
2020 (Nov) - DDaT Roles mapped to SFIA by SFIA Accredited Consultant to bring them in line with the current DDaT role and skill definitions
2021 (Jan) - DDaT Team begin to update both the DDaT Roles and DDaT Skills

DDaT Roles and SFIA Mappings are available here.

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