Browsing SFIA

SFIA is a flexible resource. To support this, the website provides a number of different ways to browse the content of the framework on-line. SFIA 7 is the current version of the framework, published in June 2018.

SFIA 7 skills at a glance

A comprehensive listing of all SFIA professional skills and the levels which apply. Grouped by category and subcategory.

SFIA 7 A to Z skills list

The A to Z listing of all SFIA 7 skills.

SFIA 7 levels of responsibility

The definition of the generic attributes that characterise SFIA’s seven levels of responsibility and accountability. The underlying structure of the SFIA framework ensures that the definitions of professional skill levels are recognisably distinct and aligned to the levels of responsibility.

SFIA focused views

These views of SFIA provide a quick-start list of the SFIA skills which are most relevant to a selection of professional disciplines, industry topics and complementary frameworks.

Structure of SFIA skills

An explanation of the components of each SFIA skill description.


This is the previous version of the framework, published in July 2015.


An older version of the framework, published in 2011.