The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Big data/Data science view

Skills at a glance

Skills by category
Data governanceGovernance GOVN67
Risk management BURM34567
Enterprise and business architecture STPL567
Information management IRMG4567
Data management DATM456
Personal data protection PEDP56
Stakeholder relationship management RLMT4567
Information systems coordination ISCO67
Strategic planning ITSP567
Continuity management COPL23456
Data culture and capabilityData science DATS234567
Innovation INOV567
Business process improvement BPRE567
Organisational capability development OCDV567
Methods and tools METL3456
Organisation design and implementation ORDI4567
Competency assessment LEDA3456
Knowledge management KNOW234567
Learning delivery ETDL2345
Measurement MEAS3456
Organisational change management CIPM3456
Performance management PEMT456
Data lifecycle managementProduct management PROD3456
Machine learning MLNG23456
Data visualisation VISL345
Data modelling and design DTAN2345
Database design DBDS345
Data engineering DENG23456
Business situation analysis BUSA3456
Feasibility assessment FEAS3456
Requirements definition and management REQM23456
Acceptance testing BPTS23456
Solution architecture ARCH456
Systems design DESN3456
Database administration DBAD2345
Availability management AVMT456
Storage management STMG3456
Capacity management CPMG456
Content authoring INCA123456
Content publishing ICPM123456
Systems development management DLMG567
Programming/software development PROG23456
Testing TEST123456
Data security and qualityQuality management QUMG34567
Quality assurance QUAS3456
Information security SCTY34567
Information assurance INAS34567
Security operations SCAD123456
Vulnerability assessment VUAS2345
Audit AUDT34567