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Security operations SCAD

Delivering management, technical and administrative services to implement security controls and security management strategies.

Guidance notes

Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • providing advice and guidance on the implementation of security controls
  • defining and reviewing access rights and privileges
  • authorising and monitoring of access to IT facilities or infrastructure
  • investigating unauthorised access
  • routine vulnerability assessments
  • monitoring violations of security policies
  • ensuring compliance with relevant legislation
  • monitoring and analysing relevant logs, alerts and events
  • responding to incidents submitted via tickets or phone
  • implementing standard security operating procedures
  • maintaining security records and documentation
  • administering cryptographic and certificate management activities.


Defined at these levels: 1 2 3 4 5 6

Security operations: Level 1

Performs simple security administration tasks. Maintains relevant records and documentation.

Security operations: Level 2

Receives and responds to routine requests for security support. Maintains records and advises relevant persons of actions taken.

Assists in the investigation and resolution of issues relating to access controls and security systems.

Documents incident and event information and produces incident, exception, and management reports.

Security operations: Level 3

Investigates minor security breaches in accordance with established procedures.

Assists users in defining their access rights and privileges. Performs non-standard operational security tasks.

Resolves security events and operational security issues.

Security operations: Level 4

Maintains operational security processes and checks that all requests for support are dealt with according to agreed procedures.

Provides advice on defining access rights and the application and operation of elementary physical, procedural and technical security controls.

Investigates security breaches in accordance with established procedures and recommends required actions. Provides support and checks that corrective actions are implemented.

Security operations: Level 5

Monitors the application and compliance of security operations procedures.

Reviews actual or potential security breaches and vulnerabilities and ensures that they are promptly and thoroughly investigated. Recommends actions and appropriate control improvements.

Ensures that security records are accurate and complete and that requests for support are dealt with according to agreed procedures.

Contributes to the creation and maintenance of policy, standards, procedures and documentation for security.

Security operations: Level 6

Develops policies, standards, processes, guidelines for ensuring the physical and electronic security of automated systems.

Ensures that the policy and standards for security operations are fit for purpose, current and are correctly implemented.

Reviews new business proposals and provides specialist advice on security issues and implications.

Security operations: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.