The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Levels of responsibility: Level 2 - Assist


Works under routine direction. Uses limited discretion in resolving issues or enquiries. Determines when to seek guidance in unexpected situations. Plans own work within short time horizons.


Interacts with and may influence immediate colleagues. May have some external contact with customers, suppliers and partners. Aware of need to collaborate with team and represent users/customer needs.


Performs a range of work activities in varied environments. May contribute to routine issue resolution. May apply creative thinking or suggest new ways to approach a task.

Business skills

Has sufficient oral and written communication skills for effective engagement with colleagues and internal users/customers.

Understands and uses appropriate methods, tools, applications and processes.

Demonstrates a rational and organised approach to work.

Has sufficient digital skills for their role.

Learning and professional development — identifies and negotiates own development opportunities.

Security, privacy and ethics — is fully aware of organisational standards. Uses appropriate working practices in own work.


Has gained a basic domain knowledge. Demonstrates application of essential generic knowledge typically found in industry bodies of knowledge. Absorbs new information when it is presented systematically and applies it effectively.