The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Levels of responsibility: Level 4 - Enable


Works under general direction within a clear framework of accountability. Exercises substantial personal responsibility and autonomy. Uses substantial discretion in identifying and responding to complex issues and assignments as they relate to the deliverable/scope of work. Escalates when issues fall outside their framework of accountability. Plans, schedules and monitors work to meet given objectives and processes to time and quality targets.


Influences customers, suppliers and partners at account level. Makes decisions which influence the success of projects and team objectives. May have some responsibility for the work of others and for the allocation of resources. Engages with and contributes to the work of cross-functional teams to ensure that customers and user needs are being met throughout the deliverable/scope of work. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who share common objectives. Participates in external activities related to own specialism.


Work includes a broad range of complex technical or professional activities, in a variety of contexts. Investigates, defines and resolves complex issues. Applies, facilitates and develops creative thinking concepts or finds innovative ways to approach a deliverable.

Business skills

Communicates fluently, orally and in writing, and can present complex information to both technical and non-technical audiences when engaging with colleagues, users/customers, suppliers and partners.

Selects appropriately from, and assesses the impact of change to applicable standards, methods, tools, applications and processes relevant to own specialism.

Demonstrates an awareness of risk and takes an analytical approach to work.

Maximises the capabilities of applications for their role and evaluates and supports the use of new technologies and digital tools.

Contributes specialist expertise to requirements definition in support of proposals.

Shares knowledge and experience in own specialism to help others.

Learning and professional development —  maintains an awareness of developing practices and their application and takes responsibility for driving own development. Takes the initiative in identifying and negotiating their own and supporting team members' appropriate development opportunities. Contributes to the development of others.

Security, privacy and ethics — fully understands the importance and application to own work and the operation of the organisation. Engages or works with specialists as necessary.


Has a thorough understanding of recognised generic industry bodies of knowledge and specialist bodies of knowledge as necessary. Has gained a thorough knowledge of the domain of the organisation. Is able to apply the knowledge effectively in unfamiliar situations and actively maintains own knowledge and shares with others. Rapidly absorbs and critically assesses new information and applies it effectively.