The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Levels of responsibility: Level 5 - Ensure, advise


Works under broad direction. Work is often self-initiated. Is fully responsible for meeting allocated technical and/or group objectives. Analyses, designs, plans, executes and evaluates work to time, cost and quality targets. Establishes milestones and has a significant role in the assignment of tasks and/or responsibilities.


Influences organisation, customers, suppliers, partners and peers on the contribution of own specialism. Makes decisions which impact the success of assigned work, i.e. results, deadlines and budget. Has significant influence over the allocation and management of resources appropriate to given assignments. Leads on user/customer and group collaboration throughout all stages of work. Ensures users’ needs are met consistently through each work stage. Builds appropriate and effective business relationships across the organisation and with customers, suppliers and partners. Creates and supports collaborative ways of working across group/area of responsibility. Facilitates collaboration between stakeholders who have diverse objectives.


Implements and executes policies aligned to strategic plans. Performs an extensive range and variety of complex technical and/or professional work activities. Undertakes work which requires the application of fundamental principles in a wide and often unpredictable range of contexts. Engages and coordinates with subject matter experts to resolve complex issues as they relate to customer/organisational requirements. Understands the relationships between own specialism and customer/organisational requirements.

Business skills

Demonstrates leadership in operational management.

Analyses requirements and advises on scope and options for continual operational improvement.

Assesses and evaluates risk.

Takes all requirements into account when making proposals.

Shares own knowledge and experience and encourages learning and growth.

Advises on available standards, methods, tools, applications and processes relevant to group specialism(s) and can make appropriate choices from alternatives.

Understands and evaluates the organisational impact of new technologies and digital services.

Creatively applies innovative thinking and design practices in identifying solutions that will deliver value for the benefit of the customer/stakeholder.

Clearly demonstrates impactful communication skills (oral, written and presentation) in both formal and informal settings, articulating complex ideas to broad audiences.

Learning and professional development —  takes initiative to advance own skills and identify and manage development opportunities in area of responsibility.

Security, privacy and ethics — proactively contributes to the implementation of appropriate working practices and culture.


Is fully familiar with recognised industry bodies of knowledge both generic and specific, and knowledge of the business, suppliers, partners, competitors and clients. Develops a wider breadth of knowledge across the industry or business. Applies knowledge to help to define the standards which others will apply.