IT infrastructure ITOP


The building, operation and control of the IT infrastructure that is required to deliver and support the information systems needs of a business. The application of infrastructure management tools to automate the provisioning, testing, deployment and monitoring of infrastructure components.

Guidance notes

The components of IT infrastructure includes - but is not limited to - physical devices, virtual resources, infrastructure-related software, middleware, network services and data storage, Components may be  on-premises or provisioned as cloud services.

Activities include...

  • includes preparation for new or changed services
  • operation of the change process,
  • maintenance of regulatory, legal and professional standards
  • building and managing systems and components in virtualised and cloud computing environments
  • monitoring the performance of systems and services in relation to their contribution to business performance, their security and their sustainability.

IT infrastructure: Level 4


Contributes to the planning and implementation of infrastructure maintenance and installation work. Provides technical expertise to enable the correct application of operational procedures. Uses infrastructure management tools to determine load and performance statistics. Implements agreed infrastructure changes and maintenance routines. Configures tools to automate the provisioning, testing and deployment of new and changed infrastructure. Identifies operational problems and contributes to their resolution, checking that they are managed in accordance with agreed standards and procedures. Provides reports and proposals for improvement, to specialists, users and managers.

IT infrastructure: Level 3


Carries out agreed operational procedures using infrastructure management tools. Configures, installs and maintains infrastructure. Monitors and reports on load and performance measures and security events. Provisions, tests and deploys new and changed infrastructure. Contributes to the implementation of maintenance and installation work. Uses standard procedures and tools to carry out defined system backups and restore data. Identifies operational problems and contributes to their resolution.

IT infrastructure: Level 2


Carries out agreed operational procedures of a routine nature. Contributes to maintenance, installation and problem resolution.

IT infrastructure: Level 1


Contributes, under supervision, to infrastructure operation.