Organisational change management (restructured) CIPM


Planning, designing and implementing activities to transition the organisation and people to the required future state.

Guidance notes


Activities may include – but are not limited too…

  • developing a business change implementation plan to identify required changes to processes, procedures, systems, structures, ways of working
  • using a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change 
  • assessing change readiness and capacity such as but not limited to - planning around key business cycles, selecting appropriate customers for migration
  • assessing and developing change management capabilities 
  • engagement and tailored communication with stakeholders and everyone impacted by the change
  • monitoring the impact of the change management plan and sustaining and embedding change
  • coaching change sponsors

Organisational change management (restructured): Level 6


Defines and communicates the approach for change management for a significant part of the organisation.

Initiates, plans and leads strategic, large and complex change management initiatives. Coaches change leaders/sponsors on good practices in change management.

Establishes feedback processes and leads analyses of change management successes.

Enables continuous improvements to change management methodology, tools and training necessary for enhancing the maturity across the organisation.

Organisational change management (restructured): Level 5


Develops the change management approach and plans in collaboration with sponsors , users and project teams. Creates and implements action plans to ensure everything is ready for the change before going live.

Acquires change management resources and develops their capabilities to deliver the required changes.

Gathers feedback to allow timely improvements to the change management plan and approach. Assesses risks and takes preventative action.

Develops and communicates tailored change management plans for senior stakeholder groups. Supports and coaches change sponsors.

Organisational change management (restructured): Level 4


Conducts readiness assessments to assess the size and nature and impact of organisational change.

Defines tactics to employ and challenges to be addressed. Supports and coaches operational implementation of the change management activities.

Gathers feedback to analyse risks and the effectiveness of the change management activities being deployed. Makes changes as required.

Develops and communicates tailored change management plans. Establishes and builds relationships with the project sponsors and key stakeholders.

Organisational change management (restructured): Level 3


Follows standard techniques to investigate and analyse the size, nature and impact of changes to operational activities.

Contributes to the recommendation for change management plans and actions and supports implementation.

Engages with stakeholders under direction.