The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

SFIA View: Data culture and capability

Data culture and capability

Data science DATS

Applying mathematics, statistics, data mining and predictive modelling techniques to gain insights, predict behaviours and generate value from data.

Innovation INOV

Identifying, prioritising, incubating and exploiting opportunities provided by information, communication and digital technologies.

Business process improvement BPRE

Creating new and potentially disruptive approaches to performing business activities.

Organisational capability development OCDV

Providing leadership, advice and implementation support to assess organisational capabilities and to identify, prioritise and implement improvements.

Methods and tools METL

Ensuring methods and tools are adopted and used effectively throughout the organisation.

Organisation design and implementation ORDI

Planning, designing and implementing an integrated organisation structure and culture.

Competency assessment LEDA

Assessing knowledge, skills, competency and behaviours by any means, whether formal or informal, against frameworks such as SFIA.

Knowledge management KNOW

Managing vital knowledge to create value for the organisation.

Learning delivery ETDL

Transferring knowledge, developing skills and changing behaviours using a range of techniques, resources and media.

Measurement MEAS

Developing and operating a measurement capability to support agreed organisational information needs.

Organisational change management CIPM

Planning, designing and implementing activities to transition the organisation and people to the required future state.

Performance management PEMT

Improving organisational performance by developing the performance of individuals and workgroups to meet agreed objectives with measurable results.