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Availability management AVMT

Ensuring that services deliver agreed levels of availability to meet the current and future needs of the business.

Guidance notes

Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • defining and agreeing availability targets
  • disaster recovery planning
  • ensuring services can collect data required to measure availability
  • monitoring, analysing and reporting on service availability
  • implementing availability management practices to support cloud-based services
  • maintaining and improving the availability of services
  • controlling and managing service availability to deliver agreed levels of availability in a cost-effective manner.


Defined at these levels: 4 5 6

Availability management: Levels 1-3

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at these levels of responsibility and accountability.

Availability management: Level 4

Analyses service and component availability, reliability, maintainability and serviceability.

Contributes to the availability management process and its operation. Performs defined availability management tasks.

Ensures that services and components meet and continue to meet all of their agreed performance targets and service levels.

Implements arrangements for disaster recovery and documents recovery procedures. Conducts testing of recovery procedures.

Availability management: Level 5

Provides advice and guidance on the planning, design and improvement of service and component availability.

Investigates all breaches of availability targets and service non-availability and initiates remedial activities.

Develops plans for disaster recovery together with supporting processes.

Manages the testing of disaster recovery plans.

Availability management: Level 6

Sets policy and develops strategies, plans and processes to ensure services deliver agreed levels of availability.

Develops and implements new availability tools and techniques.

Availability management: Level 7

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.