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Service level management SLMO

Agreeing targets for service levels and assessing, monitoring, and managing the delivery of services against the targets.

Guidance notes

Activities may include — but are not limited to:

  • planning, implementation, control, review and audit of service provision, to meet customer business requirements
  • negotiating, implementing and monitoring service level agreements
  • managing operational facilities to provide the agreed levels of service
  • identifying opportunities to improve service delivery
  • implementing service level management practices to support cloud-based services
  • identifying future trends and their impact on service delivery — for example — technical, market, industrial, socioeconomic, legislative or sustainability targets.


Defined at these levels: 2 3 4 5 6 7

Service level management: Level 1

This skill is not typically observed or practiced at this level of responsibility and accountability.

Service level management: Level 2

Monitors and logs the actual service provided, compared to that required by service level agreements.

Service level management: Level 3

Monitors service delivery performance metrics.

Liaises with stakeholders to help them plan for a deterioration in service and/or breaches of service level agreements.

Service level management: Level 4

Performs defined tasks to monitor service delivery against service level agreements and maintains records of relevant information.

Analyses service delivery performance to identify actions required to maintain or improve levels of service.

Initiates and reports on actions to maintain or improve levels of service.

Service level management: Level 5

Ensures that service delivery meets agreed service levels.

Negotiates service level requirements and agreed service levels with customers.

Diagnoses service delivery problems and initiates actions to maintain or improve levels of service.

Establishes and maintains operational methods, procedures and facilities and reviews them regularly for effectiveness and efficiency.

Service level management: Level 6

Ensures that service delivery is monitored effectively and that identified actions to maintain or improve levels of service are implemented.

Ensures that service level agreements are complete and cost-effective across the catalogue of available services. Ensures that operational methods, procedures, facilities and tools are established, reviewed and maintained. Prepares proposals to meet forecast changes in the levels or types of services.

Reviews service delivery to ensure that agreed targets are met.

Negotiates with relevant parties in respect of disruptions and major amendments to the provision of services.

Service level management: Level 7

Sets strategies for service delivery that support the strategic needs of the client organisation.

Authorises allocation of resources for monitoring service delivery arrangements.

Develops relationships with customers at the highest level to identify potential areas of mutual commercial interest for future development.

Maintains an overview of the contribution of service delivery arrangements to organisational success. Provides leadership within the industry on the identification of future trends.