Acceptance testing BPTS

Validating systems, products, business processes or services to determine whether the acceptance criteria have been satisfied.

Guidance notes

Activities include — but are not limited to:

  • setting and applying standards for acceptance testing
  • planning, identifying, designing, managing, executing and reporting on the outcomes of acceptance tests
  • encouraging effective and efficient collaboration with a range of relevant stakeholders
  • requesting and enabling formal acceptance of systems, products or services
  • creating measurable acceptance criteria related to functional and non-functional requirements, features, business processes, user stories and business rules
  • devising acceptance test cases and scenarios from acceptance criteria
  • enabling exploratory testing by stakeholders to discover unexpected behaviours
  • deploying model office testing to simulate real-world working practices and system usage.

The acceptance testing approach will be based on the context of the work and may be selected from predictive (plan-driven) or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.

Acceptance testing: Level 2

Assists in planning, preparing and executing acceptance tests for systems, products, business processes or services.

Assists in collecting feedback from acceptance testing.

Acceptance testing: Level 3

Follows agreed standards and techniques to devise and execute test cases and scenarios based on pre-defined acceptance criteria.

Analyses and reports on test activities, results, issues and risks.

Acceptance testing: Level 4

Develops acceptance criteria related to functional and non-functional requirements, business processes, features, user stories and business rules.

Designs, specifies and executes test cases and scenarios to test that systems, products and services fulfil the acceptance criteria and deliver the predicted business benefits.

Collaborates with project colleagues and stakeholders involved in the analysis, development and operation of products, systems or services to ensure accuracy and comprehensive test coverage.

Analyses and reports on test activities, results, issues and risks including the work of others.

Acceptance testing: Level 5

Plans and manages acceptance testing activity.

Specifies the acceptance testing environment for systems, products, business processes and services. Manages the creation of acceptance test cases and scenarios. Ensures that defined tests reflect realistic operational conditions and required level of coverage.

Ensure tests and results are documented, analysed and reported to stakeholders, and required actions taken. Highlights issues and risks identified during testing to stakeholders.

Provides authoritative advice and guidance on planning and execution of acceptance tests.

Acceptance testing: Level 6

Leads the implementation and delivery of the organisation's approach to acceptance testing.

Engages with senior stakeholders to secure organisational commitment and resources needed for effective acceptance testing.

Reports on any significant risks or issues related to acceptance testing and recommends required actions.

Develops organisational policies, standards, and guidelines for acceptance testing. Develops acceptance testing capabilities and methods for the organisation.