Systems development management DLMG


Planning, estimating and executing systems development work to time, budget and quality targets.

Guidance notes

Activities include - but not limited to...

  • identifying the resources needed for systems development and how this will be met with an supply capacity
  • aligning systems development activity and deliverables with agreed architectures and standards including secure software development
  • developing roadmaps to communicate future systems development plans.
  • adopting and adapting of systems development lifecycle models based on the context of the work and selecting appropriately from predictive (plan-driven) approaches or adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches.

Systems development management: Level 7


Leads the definition, implementation and review of the organisation’s systems development management framework. Authorises the structure of systems development functions and platforms. Aligns systems development to business strategies & objectives and with emerging IT and digital opportunities. Sets strategy for resource management within systems development, authorises the allocation of resources for systems development programmes. Maintains an overview of the contribution of such programmes to organisational success. Manages the quality and appropriateness of the work performed and delivers measurable business benefits.

Systems development management: Level 6


Sets policy and drives adherence to standards for systems development projects. Promotes the benefits of addressing all security issues during systems development. Identifies and manages the resources necessary for all stages of systems development projects. Ensures that technical, financial and quality targets are met.

Systems development management: Level 5


Defines systems development projects which support the organisation's objectives and plans. Selects, adopts and adapts appropriate systems development methods, tools and techniques. Ensures that senior management is both aware of and able to provide the required resources. Facilitates availability and optimum utilisation of resources. Monitors and reports on the progress of development projects. Ensures projects are carried out in accordance with agreed architectures, standards, methods and procedures. Develops road maps to communicate future development activity.