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Become an Accredited Partner

Partnership with the SFIA Foundation represents an opportunity for organisations offering products and services relevant to the management of IT capability to gain business leverage from this popular framework.

Many  organisations  are  now  using  SFIA.  They  expect  that  providers  of  HR‐related  services  will  have  an  understanding  of  the  framework  and  how  to  use  it. 

Partners offering these services  can: 

  • benefit from commercial  exploitation  of  SFIA
  • demonstrate  awareness  of  this  significant  factor  in  IT  management
  • be  seen  as  contributors  and  supporters  of  an  industry‐wide  movement
  • have  their  identities  and  contact  details  listed  on  the  SFIA  web site
  • exhibit  (space  permitting)  at  the  Partner’s  Exhibition  attached  to  the  SFIA  Conference.

Types of partnership

Companies that offer products and/or services that relate to human capital management, and want to make use of SFIA in the construction, promotion or delivery of those products or services could become an Accredited Partner (or a Global Accredited Partner if they wished to include all wholly-owned subsidiary companies in the partnership).

Many organisations want to understand how IT qualifications relate to SFIA. Organisations that award qualifications relating to IT can get a special SFIA partnership licence – the Mapping licence (or Global Mapping Licence to include all wholly-owned subsidiary companies in the partnership) – that allows publication of the mappings between those qualifications and SFIA. That mapping will be useful to:

  • those who might obtain the qualifications awarded
  • those who might employ such qualified people.

You can also read our guidelines on how to do mapping.

How to apply

If  your  organisation  wishes  to  partner with The  SFIA  Foundation,  you need to: 

  • pay an  annual  fee  to  the  SFIA Foundation  –  this  is  formalised  in  a  simple  licence  agreement. The amount depends on the type of partnership licence you want and the type of SFIA-related services or products you plan to offer.
  • ensure two  members  of  staff  become accredited  as  SFIA  Consultants;  this  involves  attendance  on  one  of  the  recognised  one day  SFIA  workshops,  and  assessment  of  the  consultant’s  CV  by  the  Foundation’s  assessors. (Alternatively an organisation can use two existing SFIA Consultants under associate agreement.)
  • provide  contact  details  for  the  SFIA  website.

Please read our General Terms and Conditions for more details on terms of partnership.

Please contact our Business administrator to start the application process.