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Mapping licences

The SFIA licence for organisations that provide qualifications, certifications or other related services.

The Mapping licence is aimed specifically at organisations that provide qualifications, certifications or other services (for example: training courses or rate cards for hired staff). If you wish to help the marketing of those services by showing how they relate to SFIA skills, this is the licence to use.

If your company also wishes its wholly-owned subsidiaries to publish the mapping of qualifications or other products to SFIA, then you will need the Global Mapping Licence.

These licences cover:

  • The use of SFIA limited to publicising the mapping of services to SFIA skills.

They do not permit:

  •  The provision of consultancy in the use or implementation of SFIA.

Annual Fees

  • Mapping licence – £1,750
  • Global Mapping licence – £3,500


For more information, see the licences and our general terms and conditions.

Global Mapping Licence

Mapping Licence

General terms and conditions

Get these licences

To get the Mapping licence or the Global Mapping licence, please contact our Business Administrator.