The global skills and competency framework for the digital world

Whole-of-Country Licence

Countries can drive their national skills and competency programmes through a country-wide SFIA licence.


A Whole-of-Country SFIA Licence is an ideal solution for those countries that want to address digital skills and competencies on a national basis. The SFIA Framework can underpin many national skills initiatives with a common language that is recognised having international credibility.

The Whole-of-Country SFIA Licence removes the need for individual organisations to separately licence SFIA and removes the licence fees. While there are some additional costs for commercial exploitation these are under very preferential conditions.

Details of the SFIA Whole-of-Country Licence can be found here.

Whole-of-Country Licences

The following countries have Whole-of-Country SFIA Licences:

Any country wishing to discuss a Whole-of-Country SFIA Licence should contact the SFIA Foundation. As The SFIA Foundation is a not-for-profit, only requiring subsistence funding, fees are very modest and affordable, tiered according to GDP.

Benefits of a Whole-of-Country SFIA Licence

Some counties may wish to build their own framework but there are some compelling reasons to adopt the SFIA Framework.

  • Immediate availability
  • No initial development costs
  • Immediate global credibility
  • No update costs
  • Established global ecosystem
  • Update costs shared by all
  • Established user support 
  • Ability to influence the global framework
  • Proven sustainability
  • Adoption and usage guidance
  • Engaged user community
  • Multiple languages available
  • Regular and reliable updates
  • Established 3 year update cycle

Building your own skills framework

Some may choose to build their own framework, if so, then the SFIA Foundation is willing to help. The SFIA Foundation has been developing, updating and supporting the global digital skills framework for over 21 years and translating it into 12 languages. The SFIA Foundation has considerable experience in this that it is happy to share.

The SFIA Foundation can provide advice and guidance on:

  • How to develop a skills framework
  • The on-going maintenance and update activities
  • The costs involved in building the framework
  • The subsequent regular update maintenance costs
  • The timescales to publish and for updates
  • The timescales to get any significant use
  • Gaining international credibility for individual frameworks
  • The all important interoperability between frameworks internationally

For further discussion on this topic contact the SFIA Foundation.