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Accredited partner licence

Licences for companies who would like to exploit SFIA commercially in support of the sale or delivery of products or services to customers.

The Accredited Partner licence is for companies that offer products and/or services that relate to human capital management, and want to make use of SFIA in the construction, promotion or delivery of those products or services. 

If your company also wishes its wholly-owned subsidiary companies to be covered by this licence, then you will need the Global Accredited Partner Licence.

Being an Accredited Partner brings many benefits – find out more.

Requirements of these licences

Services: Each company offering SFIA-related services must have at least two SFIA Accredited Consultants on its staff or under associate agreements who are able to work in each country of operation. If the company provides Accredited SFIA Training, additional fees are due for each person trained.

Products: If you intend to provide products integrated with SFIA information or dependent on SFIA (such as a skills database containing SFIA), then an extended form of the Accredited Partner licence is required. This involves royalty payments.

What these licences cover

 Your company can

  • offer consultancy or other services benefiting from the involvement of SFIA
  • subsequently apply to provide approved training in the use of SFIA.

Annual fees

  • Accredited Partner – £1,750
  • Global Accredited Partner – £3,500
  • For products dependent on SFIA – 5% royalty
  • Accredited SFIA Training – £75 per trainee


For more information, see the licences and our general terms and conditions:

Get these licences

To get the Accredited Partner or the Global Accredited Partner licence, please contact our Business Administrator.