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#1441 BUAN split into Business situation analysis and Feasibility assessment change request declined

Happy with splitting off Feasibility assessment BUT cannot fathom why change Business analysis title which is universally recognised and understood by everybody. Please re-think as this would be a real retrograde step and could open SFIA to ridicule.

See above

Current status of this request: declined

What we decided

Splitting of BUAN reviewed and checked during SFIA 8 beta review. Refinement of BUAN seems a better fit to industry development and the professional discipline of business analysis.

SFIA Updates Manager
Jun 25, 2021 12:05 PM

Hi Roy

The original change request is available here

Debra Paul's proposals are, in part, based on the BCS publications Delivering Business Analysis: the BA Service Handbook and Business Analysis, 4th Edition

The change request describes the benefits of having more granularity in the skills associated with a Business Analyst job/role.

There is an option to call the re-scoped skill "Business analysis" instead of "Business situation analysis"-
- the downside to that is that it hides the fact that the scope of the skill has changed
- and also (as described in the change requests) the fact that Business analyst roles require a number of skills

The more granular approach provide more flexibility in role/job design as well as supporting personal development planning.

The SFIA 8 beta release provides the opportunity to test this and suggest alternative solutions. The SFIA 8 beta is published on 30th June so we can expect to gather feedback after that.