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#1397 Extend SCTY to level 2 - from Cyber Security Technician Apprenticeship Standard change request accepted

The Cyber Security Technician Apprenticeship standard (Level 3, Standard Reference ST085) enhances the definition of security and this change is to request the addition of a level 2 security skill.

Statements to consider adding – SCTY-2; NEW SKILL LEVEL 

  • Applies procedures and controls to maintain security and control of an organisation.
  •  Contributes to documenting the scope and evaluating the results of vulnerability assessments.
  •  Contribute to risk assessments and escalates where appropriate.
  •  Document incident and event information and incident, exception, and management reports.

Proposed change applies to Information security

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Accepted into broader review of security skills for SFIA 8.

What we changed

SCTY 3 & 4 have been moved to SCAD as part of the review of security skills for SFIA 8.

SCAD has been updated and a new skill Vulnerability assessment has been added.