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#1338 RLMT - Relationship management - consider coverage of "public relations" change request accepted

From review of SFIA in the context of information and cyber security and the US government NIST cybersecurity framework.

2 subcategories from NIST cybersecurity framework refer to public relations...

  • RC.CO-1: Public relations are managed
  • RC.CO-2: Reputation is repaired after an incident

We should review SFIA 7 Relationship management (RLMT) to see if it covers factors such as

  • the potentially disastrous effects of public relations being poorly managed when an information security incident affects an organisation.
  • The skills required are those which are also utilised in the management of partners and other relationships both commercial and non-commercial.
  • The repair of the damage caused by an information security incident can be a long and difficult task.
  • It is better to try and ensure effective stakeholder management takes place during and soon after an incident rather than having to repair the damage that has been caused.
  • There will almost always be a very wide range of stakeholders who need to be considered and their relationship with the organisation repaired.

Proposed change applies to Stakeholder relationship management

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Accepted into broader review of security skills for SFIA 8.

What we changed

Have used guidance notes to suggest that PR in this case is a from of Specialist advice. If there is future appetite we can include further skill definitions in tis area.

Leah Prevost
Feb 11, 2021 04:15 PM

Also perhaps consider renaming it Stakeholder relationship management - I think it was a couple of versions back - because as it stands it gets confused with relationship building /working relations

On the other hand, I think it's a stretch to include public relations, that's a whole other ball game, although perhaps there is a Reputation management skills to be had ....