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#1291 CIPM - introduce level 4, refresh wording across the skill descriptions change request accepted

The importance of effective change management in order to deliver business value from investment in new digital, data and technology capabilities.

A few aspects to be considered

  • Project management level 4 was introduced into SFIA in version 3, but CIPM has not caught up with this
  • So for some people/roles, there is a gap at level 4
  • Shift from project/programme driven change to product management approaches.
  • Consider how this skill is impacted by adaptive (iterative/agile) approaches to project and product management

Proposed change applies to Organisational change management

Current status of this request: accepted

What we changed

Skill renamed, skill descriptions updated, guidance notes added and levels 3 and 4 added.

Michelle Shakesheff
Mar 15, 2021 01:46 PM

I support this change request. It is common for organisations to have a Business Change job family, from Business Change Analyst to Business Change Manager, and these roles assist with the business implementation of projects and programmes. The current CIPM skill suggests a senior role, but much of the work involved is at a lower level, for example, working on business processes and procedures, training, supporting implementation and go-live activities. I believe this skill should exist at Level 4 and there might even be a case for supporting a Level 3 role for a Junior Business Change Analyst role. These roles are often a route into Change & IT professions from operational business roles, so the absence of Levels 3 & 4 is a gap currently.