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#1376 NTDS3 and NTDS4 additional Skills at a lower Level requested change request accepted

New lower Levels (NTDS3 and NTDS4) are required to ensure adequate coverage for Digital Apprenticeships. These have already been added to the BCS SFIAplus detailed standard. All details including the additional six NTDS3 and NTDS4 descriptions are available on the BCS members protected site. Skill at a Level descriptions are given below.

Suggested Skills at a Level descriptions to ensure adequate coverage for Digital Apprenticeships are given below. These have been created taking into account the progression and consistency of the Skill through all the Levels. Further details on the SFIAplus detailed standard on the BCS protected members’ site.

Skill: NTDS
Level: 3
Skill at a Level description
Assists in producing simple architectures, topologies, configuration databases and design documentation of networks and networking technology. Applies standard user/system interfaces. Translates simple logical designs into physical designs.

Skill: NTDS
Level: 4
Assists in producing outline system designs and specifications and overall architectures. Specifies user/system interfaces. Assesses associated risks and specifies recovery routines and contingency procedures. Translates logical designs into physical designs.

Proposed change applies to Network design

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of Network design and related skills