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#96 Skills needed for creation and maintenance of a Service Catalogue change request accepted

Change Request raised on behalf of itSMF International via Barry Corless (Director - itSMF International) The creation and maintenance of a service catalogue is touched on very briefly in portfolio (POMG) and in more (but still insufficient ) detail in Service Level Management (SLMO). Suggest this needs strengthening

"Service catalogue:- All live IT services, including those available for deployment. It is the only part of the service portfolio published to customers, and is used to support the sale and delivery of IT services. It includes a customer-facing view (or views) of the IT services in use, how they are intended to be used, the business processes they enable, and the levels and quality of service the customer can expect for each service. The service catalogue also includes information about supporting services required by the service provider to deliver customer-facing services. Information about services can only enter the service catalogue after due diligence has been performed on related costs and risks" ITIL Service Strategy

Proposed change applies to Service level management

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

This change request also supported by the mapping of SFIA 7 to ITIL 4.

What we changed

New skill added for SFIA 8.