#1314 Quantum Computing Programming change request pending

Programming a Quantum Computer requires unique skills that are not readily transferrable from the realm of binary computing. This change request is a placeholder for a future set of skills around Quantum Computing code design, development and testing.

Quantum Computing is an emerging technology based on the super-position capabilities of a quantum bit (or Qubit) which can represent 1,0 or 1&0. Quantum Computing uses quantum entanglement at the particle level to attain computational performance that is far beyond the reach of the most powerful conventional computer that exists today, or is likely to exist given the limits of physics.

Presently quantum computing can only be achieved with super-conducting qubits kept a 1 Kelvin and remains at the laboratory stage. There are no commercial quantum computers at the time of writing, however development of the technology has reached a point where laboratory quantum computers can be linked to conventional binary computers to perform real world loads.

Current status of this request: pending