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#1418 Enhancements to PROG-3 Generic from Data Analyst Apprenticeship Standard change request accepted

Enhancements to PROG-3 from Software Developer Technician Apprenticeship Standard Reference ST0116.

Statements to consider adding: PROG-3:

  •  Write logical and maintainable software solutions to meet the design and organisational coding standards
  •  Report progress accurately throughout the development life cycle stages to ensure adequate audit trails of key work steps such that the organisation can demonstrate how the product has been created for quality and commercial purposes.
  •  Identify and report any impediments to software development activities and propose practical solutions.
  •  Apply appropriate recovery techniques to ensure the software solution being developed is not lost.
  •  Implement appropriate change control to ensure that software development changes may be tracked, and quality risks managed.

Proposed change applies to Programming/software development

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of programming/software development skill descriptions.

What we changed

Updates to PROG-3. Guidance notes enhanced.