#84 New skill - Team/Exec Support change request pending

The currently isn't a specific skill that covers the role of Team Administrator / Personal Assistant / Exec Assistant adequately.

New skill proposed - Team/Exec Support

Some aspects of PROF3/BUAN3/RLMT4 might be used to describe some of the functions of the team admin / personal assistant / exec assistant role, but these are often just the "closest fit" and not necessarily a good fit. Although some aspects of working in the team are already covered by Business Skills in the LoR again these don't fully describe the very necssary function performed. Argually this role is more necessary in many IT departments than someone performing marketing/sales/etc.

The skill would cover: Coordination and control of existing team resources (including people, tools, space, technology) on behalf of the team or one or more managers.

Activities included across the levels would include things like:

  • Managing diaries / calendars, arranging meetings and travel plans
  • Monitoring and coordination of coorespondence, and regular communications, including responding on behalf of the team/manager where appropraite.
  • Assist in planning for an running meetings (e.g. through preparing and agreeing the agenda, taking minute and distributing to the team etc)
  • Act as the guardian of premuim resources (e.g. their manager's time, or an expensive peice of equipment) ensuring only appropriately prioritised activity is scheduled.
  • Assists the team/manager in ensuring they have the information needed to support ongoing processes and changes in processes.
  • Provision of a secretarial service / administrative support function.
Likely starting at level 2 (think of a junior person who's primary function is to take some of the admin burden off of others), and ending at level 5 (which would be a top-end Executive Support person, likely taking some of the load of the execs they support and making some delegated decisions on their behalf).
There is definitely some overlap with the existing PROF Portfolio, Programme, and Project Support skill however the context is notably different. Potential development pathways from this skill into others (owing to overlap) might be in to PROF, PRMG, RLMT, BUAN, PEMT, etc.
Not 100% sure on a good fit for the categoriy, perhaps under the People Management sub-category.

Current status of this request: pending

Evaluating this request

Deferred. Consider as candidate for development road map after SFIA7.