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#1409 Add a level 3 skill to BPRE change request accepted

The Business Analyst (Level 4, Standard Reference ST0117) defines a business analysis, business modelling, requirements gathering and business process improvement. However many duties (competencies) are not currently in SFIA7.

Statements to consider adding – BPRE-3; NEW LEVEL


  • Compare current and future state business situations in order to identify the changes required for business improvement.
  •  Assist in the development of options and recommendations for change.
  •  Identify data requirements relating to business improvement.
  •  Assist in the management and controlled change of requirements.
  •  Define acceptance criteria for business and system changes, and support business acceptance.
  •  Identify and analyse stakeholders impacted by a proposed change, understand their perspectives and  assess how their interests are best managed.


Proposed change applies to Business process improvement

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Reviewed against proposed changes for Business analysis and Business process testing

What we changed

  • many of the statements are reflected in the new Business situation analysis BUSA skill.
  • Business Process testing is re-positioned as Acceptance testing
  • Data requirements are in DTAN