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#72 Recognition of a broader set of People Management skills change request accepted

There are some areas of people management which are recognised as critical for an effective and high performing IT workforce but which aren’t really touched by SFIA. Broadly these can be captured under 2 headings: • Employee engagement and satisfaction, attraction and retention of high performing people, succession planning • Reward, compensation, incentives, internal promotions / career progression

So, in SFIA6, we have some of the recognised elements such as learning and development, performance management, resourcing, recruitment, professional development but not others.

Is this a conscious decision and/or is it something to be revisited?

A few thoughts on SFIA6 and current usage:

  • We know that SFIA generic levels are used to support reward and salary surveys
  • There have been SFIA accredited consultants who are reward specialists
  • People management is an existing sub-category in SFIA
  • Compensation is mentioned in the new Performance management skill – but in that context it refers to the operational enactment of processes rather defining strategies, policies, processes etc. for compensation and reward

The 2 areas described above may not (almost certainly will not!!) be considered as professional IT skills – but we already have precedents in the following

  • Learning and development management
  • Learning assessment and evaluation
  • Learning design and development
  • Learning delivery
  • Teaching and subject formation
  • Performance management
  • Resourcing
  • Professional development

Many HR/L&D/OD managers and consultants use SFIA and are charged with developing an effective, high performing IT workforce – so there is a rationale for SFIA to cover all the skills associated with that responsibility.

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of People management skills for SFIA 8