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#1433 Create Systems Design (DESN) at level 3 change request accepted

Proposal to extend Systems Design (DESN) down to level 3.

Systems Design (DESN) at level 3 would cover an engineer using established design patterns / templates to propose a new design for a simple system or a small subset of a more complex system. Many systems solutions are designed in this manner and it serves as as useful entry point for engineers to contribute into the design process but with some sensible limits on what is being asked at this level.

Some design effort is required to apply knowledge of the domain to the needs/requirements being solved by the design but ultimately (in keeping with level 3 expectations) we're expecting someone using Systems Design (DESN) at level 3 to select from the available templates, solve minor issues and resolve simple details, but where more significant issues occur (e.g. the the need to deviate away from the template/guidance) they would seek input from or escalate to a senior (working at level 4 or above).

This would also be in keeping with the proposal to add Network Design at levels 3 and 4.

Proposed change applies to Systems design

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

The proposes a lower level which can be used for jobs/career steps in systems design. 

What we changed

Level 2 for Systems design DESN-3 added