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#77 PEMT - review content and format of the Performance Management skill change request accepted

This was a new skill introduced in SFIA6. I feel it needs some review to ensure it addresses the key aspects of Performance Management in the work place and is complementary in approach to other people management skills in SFIA.

Areas to be considered:

Does it adequately cover the 2 two core aspect of performance management: goal setting and performance appraisal?

Does it capture the differing roles and skills required in performance management; in particular the difference between performance management strategies, policies and process design (which we, of course, typically find in HR) and the role of line managers in executing these policies through their day-to-day practices.

Compare and contrast how the L&D related skills in SFIA are defined

  • Learning and Development management (ETMG),
  • Learning assessment and evaluation (LEDA)
  • Learning design and development (TNCR)

What is the Performance Management skill we need to define in SFIA

  • Is it about implementing / following a process
  • Or is it about the successful outcomes of effective performance management (e.g. high performing teams and individuals, positive responses from employees to performance management, engaged individual and teams, discretionary effort, achieving organisational goals)

For example compare the SFIA descriptions of Project Management which describe . “Takes full responsibility for the definition, documentation and successful completion of complex projects”

Should SFIA be describing “line management” as a skill rather than “performance management”

The wording in the descriptions (see attached)

  • Some of the incremental differences between level 4, 5 and 6 are not distinct enough.
  • There is a degree of overlap between generic responsibilities and what is described in the skill level definitions.
  • some of the threads are not consistently represented in each of the levels 4,5 and 6
  • More needs to be included on aligning organisational, team and individual goals.
  • Mixing in mentoring with performance management
  • The skill description refers to “determination of capabilities” but this isn't referred to in the the skill level descriptions.

Proposed change applies to Performance management

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of People management skills for SFIA 8

What we changed

Some changes made to SFIA7 - see change request #92.