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#1276 Change Management change request accepted

There is no skill level that includes the skills that the Change Manager uses - this is essentially a governance role ensuring that RFCs are submitted in the correct format, with adequate plans, and then ensures the change is communicated and approvals sought. Its a non technical role whereas most of the skill levels (apart from level 6) allude to a technical appraisal or understanding of the change in questions. Change manager is not level 6 as they don't necessarily set the policy.


Proposed change applies to Change control

Current status of this request: accepted

What we decided

Include in review of CHMG for readability.

What we changed

For SFIA 8 - CHMG had been updated and re-named Change control.

Michelle Shakesheff
Mar 15, 2021 01:56 PM

I disagree with this proposal. In my opinion, the work activities for this skill reflect the co-ordinating aspect of the role and do not require technical understanding. They align with my understanding of change management. Regarding the comment that a Change Manager is not level 6 as they do not set the policy, I would suggest that there is a place for the role, as someone has to set the policy. It is possible that in the proposer's organisation the responsibility for setting policy resides elsewhere, but for larger organisations I believe there is a need for a Level 6.