#61 TEST - Improvements to address the more technical aspects of a Test Engineer role change request pending

Some changes required to the wording of the SFIA 4 / 5 skills levels to address the more technical elements of the modern Test Engineer to cover Test Automation and Performance Testing or alternatively consideration given to creating a separate skill for these common Test roles.

Areas to consider:

The main issue with the current testing skill is that it seems to fit that of a traditional manual functional tester and the skills route from SFIA 4 to SFIA 5 seems to focus on a move from a Senior Test Engineer to a Test Management role.

With the move in recent years towards more agile ways of working and an emphasis on Test Automation I would like to discuss whether the more technical elements of this role can be incorporated into the current TEST skill or whether a separate skill is required to capture the role a Test Architect / Test Automation Architect (see -https://www.itjobswatch.co.uk/jobs/uk/test%20architect.do) T

his shift to a more technical route has been reflected by the ISTQB (https://www.istqb.org) who have moved away from a linear test to test management qualification route to one that focuses on specialist skills such as Test Automation, Penetration Tester or Agile Tester. I think this should be reflected in the next version of SFIA.

Another area to consider is whether a separate specialism (similar to PENT) is also required for performance testing as this could be another technical route to progress into in the same way as automation i.e. from a skill that focuses at a junior level 3-4 at running and implementing tests to a higher level 5-6 that focuses on tools selection and the implementation of bespoke performance and automation frameworks.

Proposed change applies to Testing

Current status of this request: pending